The design for Nicholas Haac is an audio engineer; his logo reflects his unique moustache, as well as his passion for music. The website was built using the 960 grid, as well as a hand-coded grid. Valid HTML and CSS.

The illustration and layout of my puppy, Malygos, and also her tumblr layout. Her tumblr is here. She is a Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh corgi, and so far, the light of my life. The illustration was drawn in Illustrator and then taken into Photoshop to add textures. 

Process of creating My summer goal was to finish my portfolio website, and within the last few weeks I finally completed it. My inspiration came from combining everything I love into one aspect: my puppy, outer-space, organization, contrasting-vibrant colors, and neat serifed fonts. All hand coded by myself using valid HTML, valid CSS, and the 960 Grid. The blog uses Wordpress, while the image gallery uses Fancybox.